6-star dinner

Are you also tired of rye bread sandwiches and nudel soup? Do you want to make new friends or just work on you inner masterchef? Then you should try our event: 6-star dinner!

6-star dinner is a whole new koncept stolen from the danish tv show form channel 5. Though we have eliminated the competition aspect since we value new frinds, good food and lovely danish ‘hygge’ more than we do a contest.


6 people in each group. 3×2 people. Meaning 3 teams.

8 weeks duration.

Before the 8 weeks begin there is a info meeting where rules are specified and questions are answered.

Each team makes dinner twice during the 8 weeks. Cooking is done in 6 out of the first 7 weeks where the 7th week is a “cancelation” week in case that there are none that can cook for a given week. At the 8th week of the event there will be a gala dinner within the groups. Each team prepares either starters, the main dish or the dessert. After the gala dinner all the teams meet in the Fallade to party. The date of the gala dinner will be determined before the entire event begins.

All groups are made randomly by the organizers, and pairs made within kitchens are avoided.

The price for the food is decided individually in the groups. About 30 kr. recommended.

There will be a common food group where pictures and recipes/food tickets are posted.


Facebook group

Images from earlier years

Last edited: 11. May 2019