Annual party committee

The annual party committee (ÅFU) have the task of arranging an annual party for the residents of the dorm. It usually happens at the end of April/start of May. The party starts in the morning on the dorms lawn and during the evening moves to a great party tent/or in the basement (Falladen).

About the party

During the day there’ll be an assortment of games among else a big kitchen soccer tournament.  I løbet af dagen er der forskellige lege, bl.a. den store køkkenfodboldturnering. It’s a prestigious competition where every kitchen meets up in special kitchen T-shirts to fight for the tournament goblet. In the evening and during the night there’ll be a party in the tent with delicious food, live band and a DJ. The party is arranged by residents in a committee. The committee consists of primarily 10-14 active residents.

It is party people that creates the ÅFU committee. They are engaged in creating a good mood around the dorm and organizing a great annual party. Like most other committees there are many posts that are distributed amongst its members to ensure that the party runs without a hitch. There is ample opportunity to improve your skills in for example logistics, planning, economy etc.

In relation to planning of the annual party there is an opportunity to go wine tasting. That often improves the atmosphere in ÅFU, and has a tendency to result in many fun events like christmas parties, easter lunches etc.

Is there something for you?

So if you want to be a part of creating a great party as well as add “involved resident in a committee” on your CV. Then join ÅFU.

To get in contact with ÅFU do so by contacting the Residents board or the current members of the ÅFU committee found on the VIP-list.

Last edited: 18. May 2019