Coronavirus / COVID-19 info

Extensive measures have been put in place in the society to stop the spread of coronavirus. Unfortunately, it has been observed these measures have not been taken seriously enough.

There are no confirmed infected at POP. However, there are residents who have exhibited mild symptoms to which they have been quarantined in their room so that they do not pose a risk to other residents. It is especially important that you read PKS’s FAQ if there is someone from your kitchen that is in home quarantine.

We strongly urge that social events and parties are postponed.

General info: Coronavirus is not airborne, but is transmitted from person to person mainly by contact infection, such as droplet spread from sneezes and coughs or indirect infection, for example through infected secretions on the hands, which then is transmitted from the hands by touching ones face (around the mouth, nose and eyes).

It is important that you contact PKS immediately if you suspect exposure.

Common kitchens: The best protection against COVID-19 is good hand hygiene and extra cleaning. The National Board of Health recommends:

Before accessing the common kitchen, it is recommended to wash or disinfect your hands as well as when leaving the kitchen. Furthermore, it is recommended to prepare your meals in the common kitchens, but if possible, eat in your own room. If it is not possible to eat in your own room or if you want to eat together with others, you must avoid sitting opposite each other and make sure that there is at least one-meter distance from to the nearest person.

Additionally, the National Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) recommends that general cleaning should be done more and that you remember to regularly clean surfaces such as kitchen tables, tables, handles on refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers etc. Surfaces such as floors should also be extra clean.

It is recommended that you plan the preparation of your dinner for when the kitchen is not crowded. If there are several people still in your kitchen it is recommended that you postpone your dinner.

Show consideration: Since the educational institutions are closed and we therefore need to study from home, the residents’ board urges everyone to show consideration to their neighbours and to keep the noise level down within normal working hours. We are well aware that this is a special situation and that some residents may choose to take some time off. However, we still ask that you show consideration towards those who choose to study during this period, since there is no other place to go.

The inspectors: During this period, the inspectors are exclusively responsible for tasks such as moving supervision and rectifying serious faults and deficiencies. All other tasks are postponed. It is only possible to contact the inspectors by e-mail:

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The residents’ board at P. O. Pedersen Kollegiet

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Last edited: 21. March 2020