Nominating committee

There sits a representative from the dormitory in the nominating committee PF IU. This committee sets the eligibility criterias for the dorm, and the other 6 dormitories near DTU. It is the representative’s task to follow the housing policy and to ensure the best housing conditions for all students.

It is required that you are active in your studies when you lige at the dormitory. That is why PKS conducts a yearly study control where you have to produce documentation from your study line. It is an easy process and is done directly from PKS’ homepage. For additional information see here:

In addition to the annual survey, PKS can conduct random samples during the year.


It may be you are temporarily not study active, or for some other reason don’t fulfill the eligibility criterias. If that’s the case you can apply for dispensation for this. Information on how to apply can be seen on PKS’ homepage under:

About PKS

Read about the dorms relationship with PKS under Administration company

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