If you have pests in your room, apartment or your kitchen, then don’t hesitate to contact the Inspector. They can help you fight moths, flies, wasps and other pests that may arise. Please don’t hestitate doing this since it can become expensive for the dorm further down the line, and can be a nuisance for fellow residents if the pests are left alone.

Tips and tricks

  • Bedbugs are fought with crushed/pulverised Moler (cat litter), which is scattered across everything in the room that has bedbugs.
  • Indian meal moths are fought after cleaning and thourough vacuuming with insecticide.
    • They can also be fought with moth traps.
    • The same applies for other moth types and clothes- and case clothing-moths as well as common fruit flies.

Information about pests

The Sunday Paper (published: Jan. 15th 2011) about pests: Fight pests in the home – there are more than you think, read on or download the article as a PDF

The Sunday Paper (published: Oct 16th 2010) about moths: More moths in flour and muesli, read on or download the article as a PDF

Samvirke (published Dec. 2011 ) about fruit flies: How to catch the fruit flies, download the article as a PDF

If following the above mentioned articles doesn’t help then throw out all food items and spray insecticide. Contact the Inspector to get the insecticide.

Last edited: 18. May 2019