You pay your share of the large TV package from Boxer for your kitchen as part of your rent. See what your kitchen TV package includes here:

The antenna plug in your room is like a roof antenna. It means that you need DVB-T2 equipment that can decode MEPG4. Some few channels are still shown in DVB-T and with MPEG2. (Read more about DVB-T2 here) The free channels that you can receive from February 6th 2018 are:

  • DR 1
  • DR 2
  • DR 3
  • DR K
  • DR Ramasjang
  • DR Ultra
  • ZDF
  • SVT 1
  • NRK 1

Source:, see under “You can always see DR’s channels with Boxer equipment”

Help! I can’t receive any channels! What do I do? The signal can be faint despite the many antenna amplifiers that are on the dorm. If you want to watch TV on the dorm’s antenna, it is recommended to use a proper antennea cabel. Otherwise, the loss will be so great that it won’t matter if the cable is in the wall or not.

To watch more than the free channels you need a card from Boxer. Either by paying monthly yourself, or getting an extra card from a family member who has Boxer. Read more about it here:

The radio plug is like an aerial.

Other opportunities to watch tv

You can stream tv from the internet. Read more about the dorm’s internet connection under the Network committee.

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