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Here we have dorm rooms for those wishing to live alone, and loft apartments with room for two. The dormitory is below the housing association PKS, and resides in the scenic aareas between Bagsværd and Kgs. Lyngby. The dorm was built in 1964 and was shortly thereafter largely renovated from 1993.94. It consists of two blocks with a total of 24 kitchens, each with 11-12 rooms. Most rooms are one person rooms and there are 46 loft apartments.

About the dormitory

The dormitory is situated in a peaceful residential neighbourhood about 2 km from Lyngby Station. The distance to Technical University of Denmark is about 5 km. To the Copenhagen center (The University, the Business school etc.) is about 12 km. The dorm is a few minutes walk from the Bagsværd and Lyngby lakes. Here there are some great recreational opportunities in the beautiful natural surroundings. This is not the case with most of the DTU-dorms. We put a lot of attention on everything social. This also applies on the individual kitchens as well as the dorm as a whole. It is especially through the dormitory’s various offers such as:

That all residents are gathered

There are 230 single person rooms, each 11 m2. Furthermore, in the second floor there are a total of 46 loft apartments. They include a room of 11 m2 and a room of 13 m2 as well as a kitchenette. The dorm consists of two blocks, 1 and 2. Block 1 (North) have the room numbers 2-49, 102-149 and 202-249. In block 2 are the rooms 52-99, 152-199 and 252-299. In block 2 (South) you can find in the basement:

Dormitory rooms

Both the rooms and the apartments have a common kitchen. They are shared by 11-12 rooms, or apartments. All kitchens have service, pots, pans, fridges, freezers and more. Both the individual rooms and apartments have a hallway, toilet/bath and built in cupboards.

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On this site you can find information about offers for you as a future resident. Everything about how the dorm works and how you can apply for a room.

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