Apply now

To get on the waiting list for a room, you must visit PKS’s website: and fill out the forms there. The Residents Board has no influence on the waiting list. We refer to PKS for inquiries about your position on the waiting list. Please note: If you are seeking accomodation, you have to contact PKS and/or IAESTE. We are subject to a waiting list, and you will NOT get a room faster by e-mailing us, at the Board. Please contact PKS and/or IEASTE.

Subletting as an alternative

You can apply for subleasing. This can get you into the dorm quicker since it doesn’t require that you are on a waiting list. Some of the rooms that are subleased are leased through IEASTE, which means they have the job to find a tenant. Read more at and Subleasing committee.

Apply for housing aid

On PKS’ homepage you have to press Seek dwelling in order to see the P. O. Pedersen dormitory. Follow then the guide on PKS’ homepage.

Last edited: 29. November 2021