You can be two living here, though no children are allowed to stay on the dorm.

NOTICE since many residents hangs up and leaves things in the apartments, then the following images are only advisory. The following text describes what is standard in an apartment and what isn’t. The name “Loft apartment” refers to the first floor and not the self build lofts. Half of the apartments are mirrored in relation to the shown images.
Home appliances included.

Bathroom: Included in the bathroom is a shower curtain and lamps. Shelves left from earlier residents may be there.

Kitchen (ground floor): Included is a refrigerator, lamps and curtains. Shelves above the sink and by the “kitchen table” left by past residents may be there. Likewise, lamps may be left there.

Entrance: Features a coat rack, lamps and a cupboard with shelves above (behind curtain).

Loft (first floor): Starts off empty, however, lamps and curtains left by past residents may be left.

Self built loft: Many residents choose to built a loft and for as long as it is safe, it may stay there when they move out. The lofts are either above the kitchen or at the back of the “first floor” by the window.


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Floor plans

There are indicative floor plans under Floor plans.

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