Garden committee

The garden committee was founded in 2016 and manages the garden area next to the multi-sport court.

About the garden committee

For the garden area there is a selection of garden equipment that can be found in the kayak shed, and a garden hose by the kitchen gardens. In the garden committee we have some disposible capital, so we can purchase smaller items for the gardens. Furthermore, additional funding can be sought out from the dormitory association.

Your garden

As a member you are assigned a garden, which you can have alone or share with others. As a garden owner you can grow whatever you want and have time to. At your own cost of course.

Become a member

The garden committee gives an unique opportunity to get new green experiences as a dorm resident – It doesn’t cost anything, but there is a lot to gain – why not become a member?


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Tool shed

Near the Orangery is the Garden committee’s tool shed. It is used for storage of tools that the garden committee use to grow plants.

There is electricity in the shed.

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Last edited: 8. November 2021