Traffic committee

To ensure that there is room for all bicycles in the outdoor sheds, the traffic committee cleans up the dorm’s sheds.

Space problems in the bicycle sheds

Some of you may already have noticed that it gets difficult sometimes to find a space for your bicycle in the sheds. Sometimes you are forced to lean your bike on the outside instead.

The problem has multiple causes, among them are the following:

  • Bicycles are not placed efficiently which uses more space
  • The sheds contain bicycles that are no longer usable or simply do not belong to the dorm’s residents.
  • Parked bikes have to be usable (see House regulation‘s section 2, § 52), to ensure that the sheds don’t become recycling stations for broken bikes.

Notice however, residents’ guests may keep their bikes in the sheds, though not a couple of months at a time.

Bicycle raid

The traffic committee is in charge of cleanup of the dorm’s outside areas, primarily the bike sheds, and solves therefore the abovementioned problem. The bike raid is done in accordance with House regulation‘s § 53.

The bicycle raid is announced, in accordance with House regulation‘s section 2, § 53, with notices on the board’s board and all kitchen doors as well as on email.

Bike raid is normally done as follows:

  1. One week before the raid a green thread is tied to all handlebars in and around the sheds.
  2. It is now the individual bike owners responsibility to remove the thread before the raid to indicate the bike is still in use.
  3. On the day of the bike raid, all bikes that still have the thread are removed by the traffic committee.

All bicycles with a green thread when the raid happens are moved to the big shed at the end of the parking lot. There they are chained and locked together. After this you need to contact the inspector in order to get your bike back (the traffic committee is only in charge of the raid and don’t have keys to the locks). The police pick up all the remaining bikes two weeks later, primarily to find out if any of them are stolen. Therfore there is not option to get a new bike or any spare parts.

One bicycle per resident

The residents of the dorm may have one bicycle each on the bike areas (jf. House regulation‘s § 51). Only in special circumstances can there be given dispensation from this restriction. In order to keep having space in the bike sheds, we ask that old bicycles that are no longer in use are removed by its owners. It is not sustainable for all parties to wait until the bike is removed by others.

Specifik information

Neighbours: All are encouraged to remind their neighbours about the bike raid. Especially since not everyone reads their mail, dorm email and kitchen notes. If you have a neighbour that is not at the dorm for the duration of the raid, it is possible for someone to remove their green thread for them.
Total security: If you are nervous about the bike raid then it is possible to keep you bike indoors for the day the raid takes place.
The locked room: The bike raid does not encompass the locked room in the shed outside block 2.

Who is in the traffic committee

You can see who is in the traffic committee on the VIP-list.

Cykeloprydning af trafikudvalget

Last edited: 4. June 2019