Common areas

There are some common areas belonging to the dormitory. This refers to the large lawn behind the dormitory, the multi-sports field at the end of block 2 and the grill situated on the lawn.

On the lawn at the end of block 1, you will find a drying rack and in front of this is the canoe/kayak shed. See more on Canoes and kayaks.

About the dorm’s common areas

The common areas are used by residents who needs a break from the work day, or if they just need to get some fresh air. The lawn is the by far the largest area, as seen below:

The area is used when there are parties and other similar events at the dorm. It is here the dormitory’s Annual party takes place, which the Annual party committee organizes. You also have the opportunity to play soccer on the green areas behind the dorm.

Last edited: 22. November 2021