Laundry facilities

For booking, see page Booking


The laundry facilities are in the basement of the dormitory. You will find it in block 2 (South), either by getting to the bottom of the main staircase going left into the hallway and enter the first door to the left, after which you’ll see the entrance to the laundry room. (You can also follow the red line that starts by the toilets to Falladen)

Payment and reservation/booking

Before you can use the laundry services you have to activate your RFID key tag. This is done with the code you receive from the inspector when moving in. If you are experiencing problems with you key tag then contact the Inspector.

You use you key tag for the laundry facilities. There are 6 washing machines and 3 dryers available (so things really get going!). It is possible to reserve the washing machines (up to 6 at a time) if you want to be sure that you can start a cycle. See more about this under Booking. The dryer cannot be reserved, however it is rare that there are problems with not being able to dry your laundry. You can make a reservation every 1.5 hours. You have to start your cycle within the first 10 minutes, otherwise your reservation is overwritten.

Remember to use a laundry bag for bras, so that the machines don’t get damaged. Additionally we urge you to empty all pockets of your clothing before starting a laundry cycle. The drum within the drum in the machine can be damaged if there are loose components inside of it.

Opening hours

The washing machines can be used from 06:00-22:00, and the dryers from 06:00-23:00. This is to accommodate the residents living above the laundry room. You can always enter the room with you RFID key tag.


There is a soap dispensing system with an option to purchase soap and fabric softener. Furthermore the laundry facilities has a descaling system. The facilities are provided by Nortec.

If you are using your own soap then it is recommended that you use liquid soap in a soap ball. There is no soap chamber/shelf for powder.

Pricing are as follows

Wash (3-10 DKK) pre-wash can be added for free:

TemperatureWithout soapWith soap

+ 2.25 DKK

With soap and fabric softener

+ 0.75 DKK

CentrifugeFreeNot possibleNot possible
Up to 40 degrees3 DKK5.25 DKK6 DKK
60 degrees5 DKK7.25 DKK8 DKK
95 degrees7 DKK9,25 DKK10 DKK

Washing programs

  1. 30 grader Mild
  2. 40 grader Mild
  3. 60 grader Mild
  4. 40 grader Normal
  5. 60 grader Normal
  6. 95 grader Normal
  7. 40 grader Express
  8. 30 grader Wool
  9. Hand wash
  10. Centrifuge

Dryer (3-12 DKK):

TemperatureMin 15 min, max 60 (5 min interval)
Low 40 degrees3 DKK + 1 DKK pr 5 min up to 60 min
Medium 55 degrees
High 70 degrees


The current laundry facilities from Nortec was installed in the summer of 2016.


There are Nortec HC Hydros ST14 dryers and Nortec EC SW7 washers. The payment system is a Noretc EC FlexTouch G2. The descaling system is delivered by JYSK Vandteknik ApS, and is one of Kinetico water systems Model 2060S NO BR DR DK.


From 2006 to 2016 the dorm had Electrolux laundry facilities. Below are some documents from this:

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