Network committee

The dormitory gets internet from the voluntary internet provider (ISP) K-net, for which the network committee takes care of the daily tasks. K-net gets delivered 10 Gigabit connection that is shared with 11 dormitories. POP has a gigabit connection to K-nets fiber central and all rooms have the gigabit cable internet connection in exchange of 11 kr per month. Additionally the dorm has common wifi so that you don’t need any equipment to get on the web.

Forgotten code

You can reset your code yourself with our self-service portal:

If that doesn’t solve your problem then you are more than welcome to contact us on or come by when we are home.

How you get internet

To use the network at the P. O. Pedersen dormitory, you have to start by being set up as a user with someone from the network committee. You’ll find the committee’s members on the VIP-list. It is needed to be there physically when one of the committee’s members sets up your account. So please refrain from sending an email about opening your internet connection. You’ll only be advised to do what’s specified.

Typically you can get in touch with the committee almost immediately after moving in, however refrain from writing an email. We’ll get home soon if we are not answering our doors. The committee is built upon voluntary work which can’t be expected to be on call 24/7. We will do the best we can. Remember that like everyone else in the dorm, we have studies which means we won’t always be available.

Are you worried about being without internet and do you want to make sure it is ready by the time you move in. Then you can after signing your user statement come to the dorm and contact the network committee. Remember, things won’t go faster by writing an email since we can only set up your user when you are here in person.


A lot of smart devices can’t acces K-nets wireless network, for example Chromecast and smart tvs. In these instances you can get them online by inserting a ethernet cable or buy your own router.

If you buy your own router then it needs to transmit at minimum strength on the lowest channel for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz respectively. Furthermore, your SSID/network name needs to identify which room the internet is. For example: POP077 for room 77. It is STRONGLY recommended to use WPA2 AES encryption with a strong password on your wifi network.

About K-net

The dormitory is a part of a network collaboration between all the nearby dormitories which is called K-net. This collaboration facilitates the traffic between dormitories, DTU and the internet connection. You can read more about K-net on K-net’s homepage: K-net. Organisation wise, the dormitory placement in the collaboration looks like this:

If you have questions about the network, then you are very welcome to contact the network committee. K-net (ISP) delivers internet to POP. You’ll find them on the VIP-list.

Open Source

Several of our system are open source and can be found on Github. See list below:

Continuous improvements

20-21. januar 2018: Block 2 has now put the new cables in use. All hallways have 6 APs. Defective APs have been replaced. The preliminary report states that the internet has improved for all tested locations without and known gaps. Block 1 will get the same treatment later.

Juli 2018: Locking system moved to network without internet connection. Zoho mail solution.

November 2018: Set up of internal network monitoring.

December 2018: POP website moved to the cloud at Digital Ocean. Changed into Google’s mail-solution with Google Apps.

Januar 2019: PoE switches in both block have been replaced on lifetime warranty. Light cleanup of these switches as well as the basement switch. Documentation of present set up updated. Wifi in block 1 is up and running since the downtime from end of December 2018 (as a result of a switch crashing). Moving of servers to POP’s netgrp static and public IP’s (NMS and NAS). Laundry facilities has gotten new VLAN. Surveillance moved to network without internet. New IP-address plan initiated.

Last edited: 18. May 2019