The kitchens are the core of your social everyday life on the dorm. Most kitchens are the same size as two rooms put together and are meant for the use of 11-12 rooms. There exists larger kitchens on the second floor of the dorm where the larger apartments are.


The kitchens were thoroughly renovated in 2010 and are generally kept in a nice condition. They are well equipped with 2 sets of induction cooktops (Installed in 2017), 2 ovens, a dishwasher, an electric kettle and a large functioning sink. The room that is an extension of the kitchen is arranged differently from kitchen to kitchen. In addition to the already existing equipment from the dorm, kitchens can of course buy other types of equipment for common use. This is decided in the individual kitchens. You shape how your kitchen looks and your own social life there.

You will need to share a fridge with (typically) five other residents and get one or two cupboards for your food. The kitchens are well equipped with plates, pots, pans, cutlery, glasses etc. There is continuous refilling so that worn out pots, pans etc. get replaced. Furthermore, each kitchen gets 1000 kr. from the dorm which can be used to improve the kitchen. More info about this can be found here.

Kitchen rules and community

In addition to the House regulations, each kitchen formulates some individual rules, which only apply to the kitchen in question. Rules are decided at a kitchen meeting and can cover everything from cleaning and communal shopping to noise and parties.


Each kitchen has access to the large TV package from the boxer. Which channels this covers can be found here:

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