Exam period

There are two exam periods annually at POP. One for the summer exam and one for the winter exam. They follow DTU’s examination schedule for those who follow a normal semester at DTU, and therfore accounts for the majority of residents living at the dormitory.

Start dates are usually set as the following:

  • Summer exam period: The friday before the DTU exam period starts. However, at least 4 days before.
  • Winter exam period: At least two days before the DTU exam period starts.

Common to both is that they end on the last day that there can be a replacement exam. There is not an exam period in relation to courses in July and August at DTU, or in relation to reexams if it falls outside the normal exam period.

Read DTU’s exam schedule here: inside.dtu.dk/en/undervisning/regler/regler-for-eksamen/eksamensdatoer (Danish version if you do not have a login for DTU Inside: dtu.dk/Uddannelse/Kursusbasen/Eksamensskema)

Show consideration

Remember to show extraordinary consideration during the exam period. Read more about the rules that apply during the exam period in the housing regulation. These can be found in Laws and regulations.

A message will be sent to the e-mail you have registered with PKS, and on the dorm’s Facebook group.

Last edited: 29. November 2021