On the VIP-list you can see who the important people at the dorm are. Important people are those who are a part of the many Committees and in the Residents board. The list is updated twice yearly, in relation to the Residents meeting, that often leads to changes. It may be that a room leaves the residents board and new people assume the empty posts. It may be that a new committee is formed, or new residents assume responsibility in a committee. No matter what happens, the most recent version of the VIP-list can be found on this page.

Where do I find the VIP-list?

You can find the latest VIP-list here: VIP List

Additionally, the VIP list can be found at the main staircase, by the inspector office at room 99 and in all kitchen. However, it may be that the list hasn’t been updated at the individual kitchens, or someone has chosen to throw it out. The up to date list can always be found on the dorms homepage.

Last edited: 30. December 2021