§-8 committee

At the dormitory we have a committee that consists of two people, one from each block, that takes care of situations in which a resident feels that another resident violates the dorm’s house regulations, and cannot themselves resolve the issue.

This could be your neighbor playing music loudly and you ask them to turn it down, which they ignore and then become uncooperative. In these instances it is possible to contact the paragraph-8 person that lives in the block opposite to you. (if you live in block 1 you have to contact the paragraph-8 person in block 2). This reduces the chance of any conflicts of interest. Furthermore, the paragraph-8 person can act as a witness if a complaint is to be lodged against a resident, e.g. the noisy neighbor.

The paragraph-8 people can be found in the VIP-list.

Last edited: 24. November 2021