Home appliances

Information and manuals for the dorms home appliances can be found here. If you cannot find a manual below then contact the Network committee. They’ll come by to check which model is missing, so that it can be added to the site.

All manuals are stored on this website, so they are independent from changes the manufacturers may add.



Cooker hoods

It’s through central exhaust




It is a bit different from kitchen to kitchen, the modelnumber can be seen on the top of the lid on the machine. Find the manual listed below. (All have been installed during the second half of 2017):

Vacuum cleaners

Note: New vacuum cleaner bags and filters (which should be regularly changed) are provided by the Inspector.

Electric kettles

Some kitchens have newer or older versions of this, however the use and maintenance is the same.

Hallway lighting

In the long hallways there is this kind of lighting:


All kitchens have these chairs:

  • Canteen chair
    • Seat height 44 cm
    • Frame: Metallic paint, Light gray RAL 9007
    • Seat/Back: light lacquered birch
    • Pages from Learning

Laundry facilities

For information and manuals about the laundry facilities, we refer to the site Laundry facilities.


Former equipment in the dorm:

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