Basement cabinets

The dormitory has several basement cabinets, however there are not enough for everyone. If you have need of a basement cabinet then contact the Inspector, so that they can unlock a cabinet for you and note which cabinet is yours.

How big are they?

A basement cabinet is about 120 cm high, 91 cm wide and 89 cm deep (There is about 18 cm more by choosing a top cabinet). Some of the cabinets have pipes going through that reduces the space within. You have to have a lock yourself for your cabinet. If you loose the key or forget the code for the padlock, then the Inspector has the ‘head key’ applicable for most locks. Please don’t hesitate to contact the inspector if you experience any problems.


Example on a cabinet with pipes going through.

Cleaning in the basement cabinets

If there is a lack of space for new residents or if the cabinets are generally considered to be full with several irrelevant things, then the Residents board can notify and carry out a compulsory clean-up, equivalent to the clean-up of bicycles in the bike shed that the Traffic committee organizes to keep them in order. Though this happens rarely, with several years in between.

Last edited: 22. November 2021