In connection with the Garden Committee wanting a greenhouse, the idea arose to build an orangery. It was discussed at a residents’ meeting on November 20th 2018, where there was support for the project. It was then introduced on the dormitory’s long-term budget. Built in the summer of 2019.

The orangery works as the dormitory’s new communal house, which is insulated and heated so that it can be used all year round.

There have already been thoughts of a greenhouse for POP’s Chaos Day September 17, 2011.

Heat pump manual

Installed November 7, 2019.

Model: Panasonic CS-NZ25TKE (Indoor Unit) / CU-NZ25KTE (Outdoor unit)

Technical data sheet: 05 DK A4 NZ 17 041017

Energy label: EL_CU-NZ25TKE

User Guide: ACXF55_05640

Last edited: 24. November 2021