Table tennis

The dorm has a table tennis table and a set of bats and balls at the disposal of the residents. As of April 19, 2012, there are 9 bats and 3 balls in the table tennis equipment box.

Please report it if equipment is missing or broken. Send a message to

The table tennis may only be used inside, in the area outside the bar. After use, the box and the table (via the hole in its side) are locked to each other using the chain. Use of the table tennis table is free of charge. As a user of the equipment you are subject to the terms of use as specified by the House regulations.

The Sports committee takes care of the dormitory table tennis table and makes sure that it is in proper condition. The table is down in the basement by the Pool room and is used in the room in front of Falladen.

There is a locked box placed by the table in which you’ll find a net, some ping pong balls and paddles. You can see which key you need to use here: Keys.

Last edited: 22. November 2021