Subleasing committee

The first step in subleasing a room is to find a interested subtenant. A subtenant can be found through someone’s network or with IAESTE, which can facilitate the contact to potential subtenants. They can also be found through PKS under “Min side”, where you can search for subtenant or sub-lessor.

In order to become a subtenant you need to be younger than 30 and be active in your studies.

Next step is to sign a contract with a subtenant. You can find the subleasing contract template on PKS’ homepage:

The contract is sent to PKS after signing with documentation of study activity and cause of subleasing.

When the contract has been authorized by PKS then the sublease can begin. The subleasing period will often be continued to be paid by the sub-lessor to PKS while the subtenant pays the rent to the sub-lessor.

Important to know

  • The maximum length of a subleasing period is 6 months.
  • The size of the rent paid by the subtenant is the usual rate which is standard rent + monthly use of the laundry facilities.
  • Subleasing is between the subtenant and the sub-lessor and all damages to the room during the subleasing period is therefore the sub-lessor’s responsibility. It is therefore a good idea to agree on a deposit. The size of the deposit is up to the sub-lessor but can’t exceed three months rent.

During the subleasing period it is possible to store your personal belongings in the dorms sublease room. You can get access to the room by contacting the sublease person, who you can find on the VIP-list

Last edited: 18. May 2019