Residents board

Members of the residents board are chosen by the residents at a residents meeting every other year. The board consists of 7 board members and up to 7 alternates. The residents board organizes at least two times a year a residents meeting, where all major decisions are made. Furthermore, elections for various posts are done and general points of interest are taken up with the residents. Additionally, at the beginning of each semester a new tenants meeting happens, where new residents are presented to the dorm and its committees. It is the residents board with the inspectors and the management board, that take care of the various projects in the dorm. There is for example a kayak stand, grill and a multi-sport court.

What is the board?

All the residents interests are daily undertaken by the board consisting of 7 board members and up to 7 alternates. The board takes care of operation of the residents association, convening of meetings, correspondence etc. The board has the task of making day-to-day and administrative decisions. Some of the boards tasks are assigned to individual members of the board.

Who can sit on the board?

Everyone who wants to and are interested can volunteer as a candidate for the board. Thereafter, it is up to the residents to vote at a residents meeting. For certain posts on the board it would be an advantage to have certain qualifications, but it is not a prerequisite. It takes of course some time to be a member of the board (some posts more than others), however the time is well spent. It is both enjoyable and instructive to be a member, as well as you get to know a lot of new like-minded people.

The posts

The different regular tasks er somewhat spread evenly across the 7 board members as follows. There are some variations from year to year since the board itself assigns these tasks internally.


The chairman has the task of coordinating the boards efforts. Furthermore, he/she keep themselves updated with everything happening at the dormitory both internally and externally. Much of the time is spent talking with the residents of the dorm and to be helpful with whatever problem may arise. From time to time there will be external meetings with for example PKS, PF etc. Furthermore, the chairman has a seat in the dorms management board.
The chairman is besides the head key people in possession of the head key of all the dorms rooms.

Vice chairman

The primary task as vice chairman is to help the dorms chairman at residents- and board meetings. It is moreover the vice chairman who takes over the chairman’s post if the chairman stops sooner than expected.


The primary task of the cashier is to keep track of the residents association’s accounts. This post is considered to involve an extra work load in relation to the other board posts. The cashier receives recognition for their work which requires the cashier to be conscientious in relation to appendices and bookkeeping.

Management board representative

The management board representative’s task is to participate in meetings with the residents chairman and the boards other members. This person has have a good understanding of the situation at the dormitory. This knowledge is used so that he/she can pass along information from the dorm’s residents to the external members in the management board.


You can find the open part of the minutes from the board meetings here.

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