Management board

The highest authority at the P. O. Pedersen dormitory is the management board. The management board has two meetings every year, and takes care of the overall operation, budgeting and accounting. There is an important tradition of collaborating with residents through the Residents board. And through this collaboration, listen to the residents wishes. This is how it has been possible to get a multi-sport court and electronic locks on all common doors.

About the management board

It consists of 6 people: two residents (the chairman and the management board representative, both from the residents board), two people selected by DTU and two people selected by the municipal council. PKS attends the meetings, to make the dormitory’s economy clear and the Inspector to give feedback on the daily operation. This collaboration is essential in making the dorm work as well as it does. This in turn ensures that there is a consistent economy, and that steps are made when problems arise. It can for example be for problems or irritations in the daily operation that can be solved. Or some tasks that are solved in unusual ineffective ways.

How do I join the management board?

To get in the management board you have to be either the chairman or the management board representative of the residents board. You can be voted into one of these posts at a residents meeting held twice a year. Additionally, the residents meetings are used to approve changes suggested by the management board. Read more about it under Residents meeting.

Last edited: 18. May 2019