Complaints about another resident

Before you make a complaint you need to make an effort to solve the problem yourself. If it’s not possible to find a solution through dialogue, then you can contact the §-8 committee, which you can find on the VIP-list. It is important that your complaint has grounds in the house regulations. Kitchen rules are not valid ground for a complaint.

Remember that a complaint without notifying the §-8 committee will in most cases be considered to be invalid.

When you are ready to formulate a complaint then do so in short (a complaint should not exceed one page), sign it yourself and get the §-8 committee‘s signature as well. Then hand it in to the chairman of the Residents board.

Complaints over the residents board, or a management boards decision

First it needs to be mentioned that the residents board consists of residents such as yourself. If you want to have influence then you can join the board yourself. The board does a lot of work to make sure the dorm runs smoothly. Think before you make a complaint. Attend a residents meeting (You can join the board here) or contact the Residents board directly. You can find information on its members on the VIP-list.

Last edited: 18. May 2019